Water Wise Consulting designs irrigation and water management systems for the domestic, commercial, and golf sectors across Sydney and NSW..
Our consultants provides independent and expert advice in:

  • Efficiency audit of irrigation and pumping systems
  • Infrastructure audits
  • Compliance inspections
  • Project feasibility studies and budgeting
  • Water resourcing and management
  • Site survey using global positioning satellite system
  • System design, specification and plans for irrigation, water movement, water treatment and drainage
  • Tender and contract documentation and administration
  • Tender assessment
  • Standardisation systems
  • System optimisation
  • Data base construction
  • Project management and supervision
  • Site and system specific training in the operation and maintenance
  • WH&S management systems
  • Risk assessments
  • Carbon foot print assessment

Drawing on over 25 years experience in the design, construction and management of irrigation and water infrastructure, Water Wise Consulting is able to give its Client’s piece of mind knowing their systems have been designed by a person with both qualifications and the practical knowledge needed to meet the project goals.

Our company’s ethos is to provide independent, cost effective, practical advice which is both economically and ecologically sound.
Water Wise Consulting with every project it is involved in gains knowledge, for this reason we are just as enthusiastic, whether conducting a system audit or the design of a group A golf project.